Reinforcing Rubber Crumb for Lawns




How it works:

Ideal for use in all these areas:

  • High use / worn areas
  • Under and around playing equipment
  • Pathways

Reinforcing Rubber Crumb for Lawns is produced from recycled

passenger tyres, granulated to form small rubber crumbs.

What's more, you can apply the crumb either
as a top dressing or mixed directly into a new surface!

A very simple solution

The rubber crumbs contract and expand when under the pressures

created during the day to day use of your garden. This simple action

continuously closes and opens the passageways within the root-zone

creating excellent growing conditions and vastly improving drainage.

Plus it's extremely easy to use!

For domestic lawns, two applications at a rate of one kilo per square metre
each will be sufficient, leaving six to eight weeks between each application.

Unless you have also seeded the area then you may continue to use your
lawn immediately after application of Rubber Mulch Reinforcing Rubber

Crumb for Lawns.

NOTE: If you have seeded, you should follow the seed manufactures

recommendations before using the area again.