Benefits of Rubber Crumb for Lawns

How Rubber Crumb is used:

Spike or for the lawn then brush in!


How should it be applied?

The area to be treated should be first aerated (spiked), this can be
done with a fork or one of the many tools available specifically for this job.
The crumb should then be spread over the area at a rate of 1 kilo per

square metre and brushed into the surface to ensure as much crumb as

possible falls into the aeration holes (see diagram). We normally

recommend a minimum overall application of 2 kilo per square metre on
domestic lawns. In areas of particularly heavy wear this amount may

need to be increased.


How does it work?

The benefits from applying rubber crumb to your lawn are related purely
to the mechanical properties of the material. Constant traffic on the

grass caused the rubber crumb to distort and then regain shape.
This action alone helps maintain voids and channels within the root zone,

creating a much healthier environment for the plant.


My grass is already worn, what should I do?

If the area to be treated is already badly worn, bare and compacted due

to excessive use then you will need to treat as described above.

But in addition you will need to add grass seed and perhaps fertilizer

to encourage new growth. Seeding the area will reduce the time taken

for your lawn to regain its cover, and once re-established
the area will be much mire resistant to further wear.

What is Rubber Mulch Rubber Crumb for Turf Reinforcement?

Rubber Mulch Rubber crumb is produced from shredded and

granulated used tyres. Its use for reinforcing turf is

protected by our UK patent.

What if a child or pet swallowed some of the crumb?

Rubber crumb is classed as an inert material, and will pass

straight through the digestive system with no ill effects.

This material has been used for many years in
children’s play areas and has been tested to BS EN 17
British Safety Standards.

What is the light flecks of cotton like material in the rubber crumb?

These are simply small pieces of fibre that is used in the construction

of tyres to reinforce them. It will quickly disappear and has no effect

whatsoever on grass growth.

If made from tyres what happens to the wire used in making them?

All the wire is extracted by a series of high power magnets
during the processing of the tyre.