Benefits of Rubber
Crumb for Lawns


Spike or for the lawn then brush in

The rubber crumbs contract and expand
when under the pressures created
during the day to day use of your garden.
This simple action continuously closes and opens
the passageways within the root-zone creating
excellent growing conditions and vastly improving drainage.

Improve the look of your law!

  • Resists compaction
  • Improves irrigation
  • Stops bald patches
  • Encourages root growth
  • Child and pet friendly
  • Use your lawn instantly


Crumb benefits - in more detail!

Improves irrigation Eliminates surface compaction

By preventing compaction water passes freely through the soil.

Rubber crumb expands and contracts under pressure and prevents the ground from compacting.

Increases root growth and depth Maintains moisture


The voids and spaces created by the crumb prevides an ideal environment for much more rigorous root growth.

In dry periods the minute space formed by the crumb helps retain any moisture close to the surface, although excessive moisture will still pass through freely. Can reduce the need to water by over 20%

Keeps roots warm Increases micro life
During cold periods any heat will be absorbed by the crumb and retained for long periods, and help prevent frost damage.
Good grass growth requires an active micro environment in the root zone. The voids and movement created by the crumb activity encourages this essential activity.