Rubber Crumb for Lawns


what is it?

A unique solution for all your lawn issues! Introducing a brand new lawn care phenomenon for grass that truly lasts!

what is it?
There's nothing like it - it's our totally unique rubber crumb!

What? Add rubber crumb to my lawn?!
Yes! For starters, it instantly prevents compaction - your lawn's worst enemy!
Just look who's been doing it for years now...

As used by the county's top
Football Club's, Golf Courses, Polo Clubs, and The National Trust

Easy to use by all...

Just sprinkle over, brush in and then enjoy!

Breathing life into your lawn...

The addition of rubber crumb helps create a much more open

soil structure allowing roots to develop, also, whenever pressure is

applied to the surface, the compaction and expansion of the crumb

distributes nutrients around the roots and also draws fresh air
and nutrients into the soil... so your roots literally are able to breathe!

Getting to the root of the problem!

Rubber crumb that remains on the surface will eventually be drawn down
into the root structure where it will help improve aeration.